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Hi, Andrea,

Nice welcome letter to your blog. Better than all that I have received, very honest and personable. Actually, I don't think any have come close to being personable and honest! Good work!

Looking forward to following your posts (I am quite impressed with your regularity).

Marcus Bell - "Priceline Bidding Strategies for FANTASTIC Hotel Deals"

Andrea, thanks for the great information on your blog. It reminds me to focus on the steps that matter in my business... and those are the steps that help me generate income. Thanks again. - John Miley, Miley Labs

Hi Andrea,

Even though I've studied IM for many months, I didn't understand how Google Places worked. Your video is great - so clear - so now I do! What software are you using to create your videos?

I want to compliment you on all of your sites and everything that you're doing. I invested in Consulting Tycoon, too, and you are putting the advice into action in a fantastic way. I hope that you reach your dream 6 figures or more soon. 🙂 I don't think I'm going to this kind of consulting work myself, at least not on a large scale, but I value the business training I get from Consulting Tycoon.

I grew up in Vancouver and moved to Pender Island last year, so it's really nice to see someone local doing this! Most of the people I correspond with who are in IM are Australian now (via James Schramko's private forum, for example. Are you a member there too?) I found your XSitePro website a long time ago and bookmarked it right away. I work with WordPress now, but I own XSitePro and I knew that if I needed help with it, you are the person I would want to hire.

Have you done any public speaking in Vancouver? I can see you becoming a leader in this area because you have all of the skills and you come across so well!

Sorry to write so much. I just wanted to compliment you, and I was excited that we're both in the same part of the world yet found some of the same information about how to do IM. 🙂

Best regards,

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